2014 Stevenson Motorsports Chevy Camaro Z28R GT Livery Elevations2014 Stevenson Motorsports Chevy Camaro Z28R GT Livery Elevations

Chevrolet has announced the return of the Camaro Z/28 to the track in the Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge. The marque first saw competition in the 1960s as part of the Trans-Am series and has since remained one of the most popular production models to date. Adorned with the characteristic and patriotically themed red, white, and blue eagles and signature rally striping, the pair of Stevenson Motorsports Z/28.R chassis will make their first appearance at this weekend’s Continental Challenge season opener at Daytona International Speedway. While the No. 6 sees a subtle but familiar evolution of seasons past with a base of silver and red; it will be complimented by its sister No. 9 in silver with blue accents. For the purists, the racing Z/28 is homologated from and shares many of the same components of the road going production version with modifications to a stock chassis promising to be as close to what you can drive off the showroom floor.

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